A 500 Years Old Girl From Incan Civilization

This girl is actually 15 years old and has been preserved in Earth for over 500 Years.The Sources Says that this girl Scarified her self for a religious purpose .She has been buried 22000 below the Earth Surface.They are saying that this will done due to a Volcano Eruption.

Her Body has been found in 1999 at Mount Lluillaillaco and the volcano is almost 300 Miles away from that spot.Her Body has been Marked as the Best Preserved Mummy that has ever found.

By her autopsy it has been found that still blood is present in her heart,skin,lungs and all over in her body.It has been found that for its preservation not much work has been done at that time.Her Facial expressions are like that she is sleeping.

Some more things have been found with her body like some clothes,shoes and some Pottery which are also remained preserved.

Till Now,the mummy has not shown publicly and it remained in Freezers.But now at the Museum of High Altitude Archaeology in Salta this mummy has been displayed.According to a research it has been found that the Salta was a Part Inca Civilization till 1500 century.

The more effective solution for its preservation has been found to be that it should be preserved in a case made of layered plastic whose internal environment has been controlled by a computer.

By her medical tests it has been found this this girl was very healthy and her bone are also strong and not been broken.

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